I’m alone at night and I just wanna hold you tight,
but you’re away from me.
And I’m alone most days see things I wonder what you’d say if you’d agree with me,
if you’d agree with me.
Give my hand a squeeze and tell me that you’ll never leave.

I’d love to give you everything I own and make,
and I’d love to tell you everything I know but it’s not right.

And I’ve been out all night I’ve been to places you and I would normally laugh about,
but I was so polite and I just pretended to like it as I danced around…


And I can’t sleep without no one else but you so oh believe me
when I say our love is true and even if we got no money we’ve got love and love is plenty.


Qué recuerdos con esta canción…


[Domingo] 2 . marzo . 2008. Etiquetas: , , , . Music.

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